A problem that cannot be ignored.
At present the forest industry in Canada processes less
than 35% of the harvested biomass into commercial
products. Learn More
A product that is highly in demand.
Governments worldwide ordering GHC emission
reductions from coal usage. New product for coal-fired
power and concrete plants. Learn More
A first of its kind global solution.
The bio-coal can be tailored to client specifications
and requirements without any modification to their
plants. Learn More

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worldwide acceptance briquettes/white coal briquetting plants. Most advanced countries today adapting concepts preserving  also retaining natural resources. Energy key fact economic development most countries today. As world adjusts itself, new millennium increasing fuel energy, governments concerned agencies worldwide also encouraging developing lack knowledge technology but have an abundant supply waste; introduction briquetting industry would be potentially profitable project.

Adoption briquetting technology will not only create safe hygienic way disposing waste, but turn it cash rich venture by converting waste energy also contributing towards better environment. biocoal, waste briquettes, white coal, green energy, briquettes, non conventional energy, zero pollution material, zero pollution, non sulpher product, eco friendly, manufacturing, export, reduces green house effects, carbon credit, carbon emission reductions
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